Hello and Welcome to our Web Site!

Our names are Cheryl and Dutch and we created Kasino Krazy out of a shared passion for gambling and all the associated travel, golf, shows, siteseeing, food and the people that go with it.

While gambling, and over a few cocktails, it occured to us that we haven’t found a website that appealed to us that would allow people to share with others their passion for gambling and gambling related products.

We launched KASINOKRAZY a registered Trademark in October 2009 to offer our first products of Hats and Tee Shirts. We will continue to add products and items of interest as they are developed. We invite you to share your ideas through our BLOG.

We also hope to share our most recent experience while gambling and invite you to share yours as well commenting on casino’s, traveling, activities or just commissorate on our BLOG.

We are located in Dallas, Texas, and hope you will check in once in a while to see new inventory or share a story.

Good Luck and Happy Gambling,
Cheryl and Dutch